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5'000+ GPT Prompts & AI tools


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Are you frustrated because you're trying to make money online but can't see any results?

Are you financially limited to pay a lot of money for expensive business tools?

Are you constantly under pressure because you don't have enough time?

  1. Are you overwhelmed by all the information in the internet on how to make money online but

  2. don't know how to start?

Don't worry, we've got your back!

In the GPT Masterclass you will learn exactly how to:

...start an online business from scratch profitable niches

...understand the power of niche marketing

...create high-quality content that engages your audience

...develop a content strategy that resonates with your audience

...master the 3 most important ChatGPT skills

...maximize your earnings potential with proven techniques

...survive as an online entrepreneur with 16 core skills

...learn how and who to trust in the online world

...formulate a solid gameplan to win the battle as an online entrepreneur

...take control of your financial future

...understand the typical stages of any product

...get an emergency plan for the very hard times

...and much more!

All these skills will help you to...

Save time

Through ChatGPT you will work more efficient, because AI can always do more work in less time than humans.

Save money

You will use ChatGPT as an extremely powerful all-in-one tool which will save you a lot of money you'd otherwise spent on expensive tools.

Stay focused

You will stop procrastinating so that you can focus on the core of your mission without being distracted.

Beat your competitors

We'll teach you how to take advantage on your competitors - legal and fair of course.

Grow your business

Knowing that we will guide you through the important startup steps, you can invest your time and energy in growing your business.

Live your dreams

We're not earning money for you, but we help you to make it possible, so you can chase your dream of becoming financially independent.

Saving the best for last: your lifelong updated...


You'll get exclusive access to hundreds of human tested AI tools and more than 5'000 ready-made ChatGPT prompts.

In other words:

You'll never have to waste hundreds of hours searching for the best AI tools and trying out random prompts ever again!
5'000+ Prompts
Prompting techniques
300+ AI tools
Knowledge base
The 10 business commandments

Are you ready to start your online business?


30 Day Money back guarantee
If you're not happy with the GPT Masterclass, you'll get your FULL MONEY refunded!

"For me the perfect combination of chatgpt and business: i found interesting possibilities how to implement chat gpt in our business model. Guess it takes some time and effort, but the course is a solid ground to start from."

Vince P.

Head of Palso marketing

"I  regularly watch youtube tutorials on chat gpt and will also do that in the future. But the masterclass helps me to get my focus on the most important aspects of the the frequent updates are the true benefit of this course." 



"I found the course to be both informative and enjoyable. It has given me a solid foundation of knowledge about chat gpt that I can build upon in my own work as a writer. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about chatgpt." 


Freelancer on Fiverr

  1. "I loved the Chat GPT course. Short, sweet, and to the point. No BS, just straight-up value!"


Affiliate marketer

Important information:

This course is...

NOT for you, if you:

...just want to make quick money

...want to rip money from people

...don't care what you're selling

...expect to lean back and relax 

...are looking for a "guru-course"

ONLY for you, if you:

...can think and plan long-term

...see failure as important learnings

...want to create added value about your customers

...are ready to go the extra mile!

Course Preview

The battlefield

In part one you will learn how you prepare, survive and win the battle and become a successful online entrepreneur.

1.1 Prepare for battle
In step #1, we will prepare you how to survive and win the battle by facing typical lies, mistakes, fears and challenges you will be confronted as an online entrepreneur.

Detailed Preview

1.2 Survive the battle
In step #2, we will cover business basics you must know, before starting an online business such as the typical product cycle, learn who to trust in the online world or the ABC of making money online. Of course you also get a bulletproof game plan for the tough times.

Detailed Preview

1.3 Win the battle
In step #3, we lay the foundation of your success with the "10 commandments of an online business" and guide you through the 10 crucial parts of a profitable business.

Detailed Preview

The Strategy

In part two you will learn how to beat your competitors, understand your customers and create effective content.

With our proven you will first of all understand how to use ChatGPT to create value and profit oriented content.

Based on that knowledge, we will lead you through a practice oriented three step process.

Step 1 is about your competition, where you will gain a fundamental understanding of how to beat your competitors without crossing legal boundaries.

Step 2 is one of the most critical sections in the entire online course, where you will learn to understand your customers better than they know themselves.

Finally, in step 3, we explain why it's not enough to create some content but to create effective content that is always profit-oriented.

Detailed Preview

The Weapon

In part three you will learn how to use ChatGPT & AI tools to do competition research, customer analysis & content creation.

In the final part we will unleash the true power of ChatGPT & AI by taking you on a practical GPT & AI walkthrough that will help you to implement the knowledge from parts one and two.

Since there are endless possibilities for using ChatGPT, we have narrowed down the three most important skills you need to master to start a successful online business.

We don't want you to get lost before you even start, that's why we break down things for you that you can take one step at the time to achieve your financial goals.

Detailled Preview


You'll get exclusive access to 5k+ prompts, beginner & advanced prompting techniques, hundreds of hand tested AI tools, 4 high quality knowledge resources and the 10 business commandments that will guide you on your start-up journey.
5'000+ Prompts
Prompting techniques
300+ AI tools
Knowledge base
The 10 business commandments

Are you ready to start your online business?


What our students think

Practical guide

I've taken other online courses that promised big results with minimal effort, but ChatGPT Masterclass is different. It's a thorough and practical guide with solid foundation


This course is a game-changer: It's not just theory, it’s a practical blueprint that works. Started seeing results in no time!

Surprisingly Effective

Wasn't sure if this course could teach me something new, but I was wrong. The simplicity and effectiveness of the content are unmatched.

Valuable Blueprint

Such a valuable course. Simple, to the point, and the blueprint provided is excellent. It’s been a great investment for my online business.

Straightforward Advice

Took the corse and wow - it's a straightforward path to earning online. No fluff, just good, actionable advice.

Empowering Tools

ChatGPT Masterclass gave me the tools to build a successful online business on my terms.

Beginner Blueprint

A good blueprint for beginners.

Startup Blueprint

The course is a fine blueprint how to start an online business from scratch.


Simple & Insightful

I like how the course is kept simple and understandable. Good tipps and ideas where to start

Empowering Choices

I'm glad the course is not a method or tutorial, because I want to make my own choices how to build my ecommerce store.

Solid Advice

I appreciated how practical chatGPT masterclass was. No fluff or filler, just solid advice.

Genuine Recommendation

you seem very serious and not fake I really reccomend this course

Clear Blueprint

I was skeptical at first, but this course is gold! The steps are simple and the blueprint is clear. started applying the lessons and seeing progress already

Immediately Actionable

Just finished the gptmasterclass and it's amazing..The instructions are easy to follow and I could start using the strategies right away. Suit up!

Clear & Accessible

Great course with clear steps! Made it easy for me to understand the process and get going. Highly recommend for anyone looking to earn online.

Clarity & Implementable

the coursereally breaks it down into simple steps i appreciated the clarity and could implement the strategies immediately..

Comprehensive Guide

ChatGPT Masterclass isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a comprehensive guide to starting an online biz, and it helped me get my start!

Solid Foundation

I took a chance on GPT Masterclass and it paid off. This isn't a cheap, gimmicky course - it's a solid foundation for building an online biz.

No Shortcuts, Just Knowledge

ChatGPT Masterclass doesn't promise any shortcuts, but it does give you the knowledge and tools you need to start an online business from scratch.

Practical Roadmap

ChatGPT Masterclass isn't a magic pill, but it does provide a roadmap for building an online biz from the ground up.

Solid Foundation

I didn't have experience with online bisness before taking the cours, but it gave me a solid foundation to build upon.

Foundational Success

ChatGPT Masterclass gave me the foundation I needed to start my online biz, thx bro!

Practical Success

I appreciated the practical advice in ChatGPT Masterclass. It works!

Confidence Boost

ChatGPT Masterclass gave me the confidence to start my own online biz.

meet the founders

Founder & CEO
Our founder Henry started his career at the UBS Bank in Zürich, Switzerland. He degreed at the University of Zürich and taught for several years as a teacher and lectured also at the renowned Wyrsch Entrepreneurial School.

In 2017, he became a certified HRV Professional by Autonomhealth® in Vienna and founded the Swiss health company heartastic in the same year.

He co-founded THRALGO©, a brand of Finopictures Ltd. in 2019.
Co-Founder & CFO
Yvonne graduaded at the HAK business academy Vienna. After a semester at the Sigmund Freud University, she decided to get her BA degree at the University of Zürich Switzerland.

While pursuing her projects, she always practiced filming and photography with great passion, which finally led her to co-found Finopictures Ltd. in 2019.
How we started
Many platforms offer cheap courses of low quality, while famous experts offer their high quality knowledge for not affordable prices. That's why we founded THRALGO© in 2019 with one mission:

To offer high quality online courses
for an affordable price.

Our key to success is the collaboration with carefully selected and vetted experts who contribute their knowledge. Our team then harnesses this expertise to create unique courses in a standardized format, ensuring you always know what you get.

We're very excited to welcome you aboard at THRALGO© where we learn and grow together!


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What will I learn in the GPT Masterclass?
Is the GPT Masterclass suitable for beginners?
How long do I have access to the course materials?
Does the GPT Masterclass offer a money-back guarantee?
Can I earn an income online with the skills taught in this course?
Do I need any special software or tools to follow the course?
How much time is required to complete the course?
How often is the course content updated?

Are you ready to start your online business now?